'That Is Absolutely Not True': Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Deny Secret Split

Sources say Catherine 'buckled under the pressure of dealing with Michael's cancer battle'

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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have denied rumours that they've been quietly carrying out a trial separation.

Despite spending 12 happy years as a couple, rumours emerged this week that Hollywood veterans Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been upholding a 'hush hush trial separation'.

According to reports from The National Enquirer, Douglas had moved out of the family home the couple share with their two children.

Catherine and Michael stand hand-in-hand at the New York premiere of Side Effects (WENN)

Allen Bury, a spokesperson for the couple, was quick to put those rumours to bed. He strongly denies that Douglas' battle with cancer and Catherine's struggles with her mental health are to blame for their break up:

"They have not split. The story is not true." Cece Yorke, representative for Zeta-Jones, added separately: "That is absolutely not true."

It was claimed that the marriage has "buckled under the pressure of dealing with Michael's cancer battle, his son Cameron's prison term on drugs charges and Catherine's struggle with bipolar II disorder".

Stories of how the celebrities are trying to hold their union together are beginning to emerge.

A source told the National Enquirer: "It's because of [their children] Dylan and Carys that Michael and Catherine aren't giving up on each other. Only time will tell if they can make things work."

Time will tell indeed!

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