One Direction: 'We'd Be Criminals If It Wasn't For Simon Cowell'

Band would be in trouble without musical success

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One Direction claim they would be living a life of crime if they had not been discovered on the X Factor and put together as a band by music boss Simon Cowell.

The fivesome, who won the Global Suceess prize at the Brit Awards on Wednesday and are said to be worth a whopping £100 million, insist they are lucky to have made a success of their music as they would be struggling to complete their education and find a job otherwise.

Band member Liam Payne told the Metro: “I would be struggling my way through education or a life of crime.” We think he might be joking about the crime bit!

However, while fellow One Direction Star Liam Payne thinks his education prospects may have been slightly better than Liam’s, he too believes he would have resorted to crime if he had not made it into the band.

He joked: “I would have been at university, and a life of crime as well.”

One Direction performed at the Brit Awards in London on Wednesday night (WENN)

Liam added: “If One Direction never happened I would be working in a factory or be a fireman.”

But despite their international fame and monumental success as a band, the boys insist the adoration from female fans hasn’t changed them at all.

Louis Tomlinson said: “Everyone back home treats us the same, we just go back and hang out with our family.

“I think it’s because we have remained true to ourselves. Nothing has changed with us as people so people at home see us the same.”

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