Robert Pattinson Dropped From New Movie For 'Being Too Manly'

Star is getting on a bit, apparently!

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Robert Pattinson has been dropped from his latest movie for being too much of a man!

The Twilight actor was due to star in Madeline Stowe's romantic western Unbound Captives, but the star has apparently been left in the cold because "he is now a man".

Rob, 26, has now finished with the Twilight franchise which made his name and has looked to older roles, such as in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis to establish his credentials beyond his teenage fanbase.

However he seems to have fallen foul of growing up too fast, as Stowe revealed he's been dropped from the film.

Robert Pattinson: Too much of a man for new movie (Photo: WENN)

“I love Rob so much, but he is now a man! And he was kind of a boy when we first got into this film, so we are on the hunt for a new Phineas right now, that is the piece of casting we are concerned about because Rachel Weiz is a part of the film as well,” Stowe told HollywoodLife.

The film will also star Les Miserables' Best Actor nominee Hugh Jackman, with Stowe keen to push on as the Wolverine star is only contracted until 2014.

She said:“It will not happen this year, but we are looking at 2014 because Hugh Jackman is booked until then, so we will start it up in 2014!”

But the news has come too late for Rob, currently filming The Rover in the Australian outback, who appears to be too much man for this particular movie.

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