Ben Affleck The People's Best Director Oscar Winner As Academy Snubbed By Social Media

Most think it unfair Ben can't win

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Ben Affleck won't be picking up the coveted Best Director gong on Sunday night, as he hasn't even been nominated, but if the people had their way the star would be declared the winner.

Analysis on conversations on social media like Twitter, forums and review sites revealed that Argo was the hottest thing on the internet, with three quarters of conversations bigging up Affleck's movie.

Unsurprisingly, it is also the choice for Best Picture in the analysis carried out by Precise, a media monitoring company who analysed the tone of conversations towards a film as wel as what they focused on.

Lincoln came in second to Argo as having the most favourable comments, with Zero Dark Thirty next.

Ben Affleck in Argo (Photo: Warner Bros)

According to the company Ben Affleck would likely be taking home the Best Director gong as most seem to regard his lack of a nomination as unfair, and as mentioned loved the film

"Of course, Affleck will not be picking up the Best Director award, but it would appear the Oscars' snub only fuelled greater support for him and his film,” James Withey, Precise's head of Brand Insight, said.

The analysis also concluded that the focus on Jessica Chastain's performance in Zero Dark Thirty would also grant her the Best Actress gong, while Daniel Day-Lewis' acclaimed turn in Lincoln should see him take home the Best Actor award.

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