From Angelina Jolie's Peekaboo Leg To Bjork's Swan: The Worst Oscar Fashion Crimes

There's always one who lets the fashionistas down

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They've got months and months to prepare not to mention the pick of exclusive designer dresses but that doesn't stop some of the most beautiful actresses in the world from landing on the Oscars worst dressed lists. In anticipation of tomorrow night's 2013 Academy Awards here's our pick of the very worst red carpets offenses.

Angeline Jolie, 2012

Forget the winners, Ange's right leg was all anyone could talk about after last year's Oscars. OK so the star's Atelier Versace gown is actually quite nice, nothing special but classy and understated but we had to put Angie in our list for that peekaboo leg alone! With it's own twitter account and "legbombing" fast becoming a viral sensation, the actress's limb was officially the star of the night.

Beyonce, 2009

Remember when your mum used to pick out your clothes? Well it seems Beyonce never grew out of that shopping ritual as she donned this hideous floral gown designed by her mum Tina Knowles for The House of Dereon label. Thank goodness Mrs Carter's style sense has improved with age.

Bjork, 2001

A true classic, Bjork's swan dress tops Worst Dressed lists time and time again. It's become so infamous we'd actually love it if Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hathaway had the guts to rock a copycat number at the 2013 ceremony.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002

Gwyn's 'edgy' Alexander McQueen dress back in 2002 was in complete contrast to her pink frothy ballgown she wore the year before when she picked up her Oscar. We can see where Gwynnie was going with her Angelina Jolie inspired goth aspirations but droopy boobs is never going to be a winning look.

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