Dido Sets Fans Straight About Rihanna Insult: 'I Didn't Say That!'

She told Focus magazine: 'When does she have time to write her songs?'

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Fans were livid when a magazine reported that Dido had insulted Rihanna, apparently saying: 'When does she have time to write her songs? I could never release music that means nothing to me'.

She's set the record straight on Twitter, saying she was 'totally misquoted'.

When questioned about Rihanna in an interview for German magazine Focus, Dido apparently shot down the notion that she is a legendary song writer.

Rihanna is famed for burning the candle at both ends (WENN)

The 41-year-old singer opened up about release schedules and her new album, as well as her views on the 25 year-old pop sensation:

Dido quipped: "Rihanna seems to release a new album weekly. Unbelievable! "

She went on: "When does she have time to write her songs? I could never release music that means nothing to me."

Now her comments have been published, Dido's getting out the White Flag. The Grammy nominee is outraged that what she said was taken out of context. She took to Twitter to express her anger:

“Obviously i didn't say that about rihanna!! i'm a big fan of hers! ridiculous. totally misquoted.” [sic]

She added: “There are so many amazing singers coming out of this country and I feel proud to be any part of that.”

Speaking to Digital Spy, Dido has said: "I'm quite ruthless with myself - an album isn't finished until I'm ready. Thankfully I've never looked back and wished I done a record differently."

Dido is currently preparing to release her new album Girl Who Got Away five years after 2008's Grammy nominated Safe Trip Home.

Rihanna's latest album Unapologetic was released a year after 2011's Talk that Talk - a very quick turnaround by anyone's standards!

Wonder how Rhi Rhi will react to this...

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