Previously At The Academy Awards: Top 5 Best Bits From The Oscars 2012

A quick recap of what happened last year

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In a few hours' time, Hollywood's finest will litter the red carpet at this year's Academy Awards as another batch of supreme film-making talents are rewarded for their efforts.

It seems only yesterday that we were laughing about Angelina Jolie's leg and wondering how gutted George Clooney was to miss out on Best Actor at the last minute... and who knows what events from the 2013 show we'll be talking about tomorrow!

Check out the essential 5 things that happened at the 2012 Academy Awards...

5. Sacha Baron Cohen makes Ryan Seacrest a victim of The Dictator
Some people thought it was a pre-planned stunt, but Seacrest insists it wasn't. When the American Idol host, who fronts red carpet coverage for E!, came across Sacha Baron Cohen in character as The Dictator, he suddenly found himself covered in 'ashes'. Nice.

4. The Artist cleans up
This adorable dialogue-free comedy scooped the lion's share of awards last year, including Best Picture and a surprise Best Actor win or lead star Jean Dujardin. The pooch star, Uggie, enjoyed a brief stint as the world's favourite famous pup - until, of course, Pudsey took over.

Jean Dujardin at The Oscars (WENN)

3. Octavia Spencer's acceptance speech
Octavia's well-received role in The Help earned her major kudos in 2012. Her adorable speech saw her come over all emotional before admitting "I'm freaking out!". She beat nominees including Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids and The Help co-star Jessica Chastain to the accolade.

2. Meryl Streep's acceptance speech
Meryl may have won a couple of Academy Awards before, but after a record 14 nominations without success she was finally awarded once again for The Iron Lady. Streep's speech was, as expected, hugely likeable.

1. Angelina Jolie's leg
Need we say more?

Angelina at the Oscars (WENN)

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