Talented Siblings! Katy Perry Supports Brother David Hudson At His Gig

The pop star accompanied her family to the show in Los Angeles

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It would appear that musical talent runs in Katy Perry's family, because it's not just the pop star that can hit a note or two, but her younger brother as well - and she makes sure that she supports him all the way.

So much so that she turned heads when she arrived to watch her sibling perform at the Bootsy Bellows club in Hollywood last week.

Miss Perry, 28, was accompanied by her parents Keith and Mary, her older sister Angela as they cheered on David, 24, whose showcase that night was celebrating the release of his new single Chained.

An eyewitness told E! News: "Katy is so proud of David. She was screaming out her support and had a really great time. It is a very supportive family."

David Hudson's music career is fully supported by his famous sister Katy Perry (WENN)

And she wasn't the only famous face in the audience as actor David Arquette and socialite Paris Hilton were spotted enjoying David's set.

And he's no stranger to the music business, and not just because of his famous sister. He released his first song, A Real Man's Life, in late 2011 on YouTube and released his second single, To You, in July 2012, which was followed by his first EP, Dirty Face, in August 2012.

Katy's boyfriend John Mayer didn't attend the gig but according to reports, things are getting serious between the two of them, and she has even managed to tame his womanising ways.

Speaking to America's OK! magazine, a source close to the couple said: "He loves that she's so independent and doesn't cling to him like a lovesick barnacle. Katy, of course, loves a bad boy but she's going to let a man stomp all over her.

"She's really quite sassy with John and he loves it. He needs someone to take him down a notch.

"John has changed. There's a kind of humility about him these days and that's due to Katy. He's said she's got him hook, line and sinker and he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy.''

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