'Limping' Kristen Stewart 'Missed Robert Pattinson During Crutch Oscar Appearance'

Star 'mortified' she had to walk the red carpet on crutches

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Kristen Stewart didn't seem too happy as she hobbled her way along the Oscar red carpet on Sunday night after injuring herself earlier in the weekend, and according to insiders she was feeling “self conscious” about her injury, which meant she was sporting crutches on the most glamorous night in Hollywood's calendar.

The 'Twilight' star presented an award alongside Daniel Radcliffe and despite the honour of appearing in front of the most powerful people in the film industry, he was reportedly upset by her injury which she reportedly felt made her look “ridiculous.”

"She got injured beforehand and was mortified about the limp,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “She thought she looked ridiculous on the show and was really self-conscious.”

“It was just a bad weekend, between the injury and being lonely. She felt dumb and was holding back tears the whole night,” they went on.

Kristen Stewart hits the Oscar red carpet on crutches (Splash News)

It wasn't just her injury either, the actress was reportedly upset about her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson not being with her on the night.

They claimed: “She thought Robert Pattinson would at least call and congratulate her but he didn’t at all. She kept her phone near her and checked it for texts but they never came.”

Adding: “[She] was on the verge of tears during Oscars because Rob didn’t call her."

Despite the injury, which reportedly happened when she stepped on glass, Kristen still managed to make the Oscars, present an award and pose on the red carpet and though she didn't exactly look happy – the 'Snow White And The Huntsman' actress never looks over-joyed on the red carpet.

While we're sure she would be pleased from a call from Rob, who is currently filming in Australia we find it hard to believe she was on “the verge” of tears all night. We wouldn't be too happy about having to appear on crutches either.

We think Kristen's a trooper for not pulling out and leaving everyone in the lurch! While we respect her dedication to the Oscars, her injury didn't affect her limp hair and ill fitting dress, that earned her a spot on our worst dressed list - sorry KStew!

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