Oscar Winner George Clooney Hates His Grey Beard As It Makes Him Feel Old

Well there's alaways one thing you could do George

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Oscar winning star George Clooney may be the king of the Oscars, but the star is worrying so much it'll turn his hair grey... if it wasn't his grey hair he was worrying about, that is.

The actor, director and producer, whose Ben Affleck film Argo won the Best Picture Award, has long been a bit of a silver fox, but even George hates his grey look, as when he grew a beard it came out terrifically grey.

"I was a little surprised how grey [my beard] was when it came out, it came out and it's grey! You're like, 'What the hell happened?'" George told E! News.

Fuzz-buddies: George Clooney and Ben Affleck (Photo: Adrianna M. Barazza/WENN)

Clooney's beard was loved by others at the show, with the beard being the must have male look at the Academy Awards in 2013, and with Argo winning it seems to be lucky for George and Ben Affleck, who proudly sported their facial fuzz.

For George though it's a sign of age, as he joked: "I was young once but now I'm old."

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Ben Affleck and George Clooney had long facial hair at the Oscars 2013 (WENN 250113)