Nicholas Hoult Admits He's 'Really Excited' To Film X-Men Sequel With Ex Jennifer Lawrence

Actor has said recently that there's no hard feelings between the pair

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Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence may have broken up, but it's a good job there are no hard feelings between the pair because the showbiz couple are set to come face to face again to shoot 'X-Men' sequel 'Days of Future Past', which Nicholas has said that he's 'very excited' about.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Nicholas has spoken out about the upcoming movie sequel, saying that he's kept in touch with majority of the cast.

The former Skins star said, "Yeah, I'm really excited to go back into it and to work more with those guys. Bryan Singer is going to direct this time, so it would be good to work for him again. I kept in touch with most of the cast."

Adding, "It's really nice when there's a job that you know you're all going back to and you kind of have a good catch up. We had a lot of fun making the first one, lots of great memories, so it'll be a nice little reunion."

And it seems like although the pair have split, Nicholas was still 'very proud' of ex GF Jennifer after her Oscars win and admitted recently that the pair have remained friends.

He told Hello magazine: ''We're still friends. I'm very proud of her. It's a great film and she's fantastic in it, so I'm very happy for her.''

Jennifer Lawrence stars alongside ex BF Nicholas in 'X-Men' (Photo: Splash News)

Nicholas also dished the dirt on what it's like to be in the makeup chair whilst somebody zombifies you, as he plays a walking corpse called 'R' in Warner Bros pic 'Warm Bodies.'

He told Us Weekly, "We'd listen to music, we'd chat, we'd watch films, play Xbox. We were actually playing zombie theme video games, Left 4 Dead is what it's called! So I was running around, killing zombies in the morning and then would become one on set."

Exciting stuff!

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