Dancing On Ice's Karen Barber: Jason Gardiner 'Doesn't Shut Up'

Karen finds it hard to get a word in edge ways...

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In her interview with This Morning, Dancing On Ice judge Karen Barber gave the inside scoop into all the gossip from behind the panel. From bickering with Jason, hectic rehearsals and motion sickness, this judge has seen it all.

Sitting next to meanie Jason Gardiner could be quite a challenge, and fellow Dancing On Ice judge Karen Barber admits that he can be "unpredictable". She spoke to Phillip and Holly about her experiences with Jason, saying: "He's an interesting personality, lets say that! He has his funny side, but then he has that side that's very unpredictable and nobody's safe.

"He pushes my button and you either accept his insult or you say 'no, I'm not having that'..."

Phillip, who hosts Dancing On Ice, reveals that he has seen Karen become more ruthless this year as she has started to stand up for herself a bit more, saying: "You've got to the stage, and I think its this series you thought 'no, do you know what, shut up, my turn'..." Go, Karen!

Jokingly, Karen replied: "But he doesn't shut up though, does he?... You've tried, I've tried." Oh dear, he doesn't sound like the easiest man to work with, does he?

She also revealed how hard it sometimes to stop from bickering with him on live television, saying: "We all want to try and have our opinion but then when I try to speak sometimes, he can't help himself - but its a live show and I try and be respectful but sometimes, sometimes, its really close..."

Even though it seems like all of the Dancing On Ice cast have a fabulous time each weekend, it seems that they have very little time away from the ice and, for the judges, the panel. She reveals how the cast get very little time to socialise away from the show: "We don't really do off set because we rehearse the show...the next day arrives and we go back into the next week... but we don't have time to socialise with each other."

However, she does not seem too upset about not getting time to socialise as she believes it "would be awkward!"

Matt Lapinskas is Karen's favourite to win the series (Photo: WENN)

Judges aside, Karen gave her view on the performance of the remaining celebrities, and the challenge set up for them for next Sunday. She spoke about the upcoming flying challenge, where the contestants will be suspended high above the ice during their routines. She spoke to Phillip and Holly about the difficulty of this new challenge, saying: "We haven't done it for a couple of years and I realise why we haven't done it for a couple of years because its proving difficult and they are all struggling - its motion sickness. And Gareth was very sick."

Rugby star Gareth Thomas was struggling in the first rehearsal for this week's show, suffering from bad motion sickness. Karen spoke about his struggle, saying: "Because he's such a big guy, it was a struggle to get him in the harness in the first place, let alone for his partner to try and manipulate him around the ice."

The judge seems to have some concerns for this upcoming week, as she reveals that "it's not looking good so far" - oh dear! We're sure the celebs will do it!

As for who she wants to win the series, Karen admits: "I'm going to put it out there and say Matt, but who knows..."

Is that who you think should win the show? Or do you think someone else should go home with the glittery trophy?

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