'Food Glorious Food It Wasn't!': Fans Dismiss Simon Cowell's New Show As A 'Big Disappointment'

The show pulled in 2.7 million viewers

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It appears that there are a far few people who believe Simon Cowell's new cooking show, Food Glorious Food, doesn't have the X Factor after fans slammed the show on Twitter.

As it made it's premiere on ITV at 8pm last night, the show which saw judges Lloyd Grossman, Tom Parker Bowles, WI Anne Harrison and baking entrepreneur Stacie Stewart judge the food that had been made by members of the public, appeared to leave a few fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

Branding Simon Cowell's new project which was fronted by Carol Vorderman, as a "disappointment", one fan (@mattsmiff) tweeted: "Food glorious food on ITV was a big disappointment! But Masterchef the Professionals uncovered - that's more like it!!!#foodietweet."

Whilst another fan (@AndrewTurmer) posted on the social networking site:

"ITV just can't do cooking shows. Ever. Take this 'Food GloriousFood' monstrosity. Format, panel, direction, narration...all scarily wrong."

Believing that ITV should not show food shows, another viewer (@LisainEdinburgh) who took to Twitter to air her views wrote: "Food Glorious Food. Cross between Antiques Roadshow & Bake Off me thinks. ITV should leave well alone."

However, it wasn't all doom an gloom as the show which is believed to have attracted 2.7 million viewers according to the Guardian's John Plunkett, drew in some viewers who enjoyed the show.

One fan (@JenTomlin_xo) simply tweeted: "Really enjoyed the new itv show food glorious food", whilst another (@Ronkerbonker) tweeted about his enjoyment at seeing Lloyd Grossman on TV.

They tweeted: "We need more Lloyd Grossman! Hadn't seen him for yonkers and bang itv roll him out for food glorious food! Move over Greg!!"

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