Yes He Cannes! Steven Spielberg Named Jury President For 2013 Film Festival

The Hollywood legend is set to preside over the Cannes judging panel in May

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Steven Spielberg, who's latest film, Lincoln, took home two Oscars at Sunday night's awards ceremony, had been named as the next Jury President for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Directing royalty, Spielberg is taking over from Italian director and actor Nanni Moretti, who led the jury last year, Reuters have reported.

A huge date on the Movie calendar, Cannes is a 12 day festival held on the Cote d'Azur in the south of France. Film makers from around the world showcase their work. It has spring boarded the careers of many household names, including Spielberg himself.

Steven Spielberg with Oscar record breaker Daniel Day-Lewis (Wenn)

His Blockbuster smash, E.T., premiered at Cannes in 1983, and festival President Gilles Jacob has since called him a "regular" spring event.

"Since then I've often asked Steven to be Jury President but he's always been shooting a film," Jacob said. "So this year, when I was told 'E.T. phone home,' I understood and immediately replied 'At last!'"

The 66-year-old director has called the festival a "platform for extraordinary films to be discovered and introduced to the world."

He may have missed out on any personal Oscars from his latest film but The Jaws director is no stranger to awards and accolades both from Hollywood and Europe.

The Cannes film festival will run from May 15 to 26.