'He's The Ugliest One Direction Singer': Jake Bugg Ridicules Villain of the Year Harry Styles

Jake has taken pot shots at Harry yet again!

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Jake Bugg certainly hasn't finished his onslaught of One Direction star Harry Styles, claiming that the heart throb is deserving of his NME Villain of the Year title while also branding him the “ugliest” singer of the band.

One Direction were blasted by 'Lightening Bolt' singer Jake last week after he expressed his disbelief at people hailing the boy band as “the new Beatles,” and he has taken aim again in light of Harry's win at the 2013 NME Awards for Villain of the Year and 1D's Worst Band gong.

Jake Bugg has blasted One Direction yet again! (Daniel Deme/WENN)

“I don't know how they can really be considered a band though to be honest,” Jake said at the NME Awards according to The Sun. “I'm not too sure. I think the more I play on it, it'll wind them up. They're there to look good.”

“Music wise? I assume they don't really have a clue. We'll just see. They might do.”

When quizzed on poor ol' Harry, Jake replied: “Probably the ugliest one is the best singer. He might know a couple of chords.”

Hardly surprisingly after his recent comments about the lads, Jake ruled any chance of working with them, saying: “No (that won't happen). That should be their job, not mine.”

Ouch! We're waiting with baited breath for 1D's response!

One Direction are yet to respond to Jake Bugg's latest jabs (Carly Lemon/WENN)

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Caroline Flack at the 2013 NME Awards (Daniel Deme/WENN)