Harry Styles Grateful For 'Villan Of The Year Award' But Directioners Threaten To Kill

Star was awarded title by indie mag - but showed he's the bigger person!

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Harry Styles wouldn't be your first choice for an award based on unpopularity, but despite millions of loyal fans, the One Direction cutie was still voted 'Villan Of The Year' last night at the NME Awards beating the likes of Prime Minister David Cameron and YouTube sensation Psy to the gong.

While President Barack Obama scooped hero of the year, it seems his opposite was the 'Kiss You' star who had clearly offended the indie community with his adorable curly locks and infectious pop hits.

As ever, the perma smiley celeb took the award well, writing on Twitter: “And thank you to @NME for my award tonight. Gotta take the rough with the smooth eh?”

While Harry clearly wasn't offended by the jibe, Directioners were and immediately blasted the magazine, ever threatening to kill them.

One fan wrote: “One direction won "worst band". WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU NME ?!”

While another offered comforting words, writing: “This is the bulls**t. You're perfect, The @NME are just jealous of your talent. I love you Harry :) xx ♥”

While one went so far as to say: “@onedirection @Harry_Styles babe calm down @nme be trippin imma kill there ratchet a**** Kay. They don't knoe talent when they see it .” (sic)

It hasn't been the best week for Harry, on Tuesday night he was hit in the groin by a fans shoe while performing, causing him to fall to the ground with pain - cringe!

Harry Styles: Villan or Sexy? (WENN)

One Direction are currently in the first week of their eight month world tour, taking in 19 countries over 117 dates. They were also announced this week as having both their albums, 'Up All Night' and 'Take Me Home' in the top five global sales for 2012, beaten by only Taylor Swift's 'Red' and Adele's '21' and to top it off are worth 15 million each – so we doubt Harry will take much notice of the magazine!

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