Who Throws This Shoe? Harry Styles' Groin-Attack Mocked In Austin Powers Spoof

Don't worry Harry, we still love you

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Harry Styles may be trying to live down the shame of keeling over in agony on stage during a One Direction concert after being hit in the groin by a flying shoe, but the traumatic experience has now been spoofed by Austin Powers.

The 'Little Things' star was performing in Glasgow earlier this week along with the other One Direction boys during their 'Take Me Home' tour, when suddenly he is hit in his sensitive area by a flying shoe.

Harry Styles of One Direction perform during the second night of their Take Me Home World Tour at London's O2 Arena (Carly Lemon/WENN.com)

While the schoolgirl who threw the shoe has come forward to apologise for temporarily putting Harry out of action, the incident is far from being forgotten and has received a makeover courtesy of Austin Powers.

The spoof has been circulating the internet using clips from 'Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery' movie edited alongside the 'hitting Harry with a shoe' clip. The spoof shows the shoe being thrown, then a clip of Harry catching the shoe, then a clip of the shoe being thrown again, only this time it hits Harry where it hurts. Oh no!

The video ends with a scene of Austin Powers saying: “Who throws this shoe?” Well Austin, a fan threw that shoe, but all is well because they apologised.

Watch the video here...

Warning: people who can't bear to see Harry in pain are advised not to watch!

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