Rihanna And Chris Brown The Latest 'Sex Tape' Victim Of Online Virus

Online virus is causing problems on Facebook

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are probably the most talked about couples on the planet, so we're not surprised an internet virus claiming to show their sex tape has fooled fans on Facebook and caused thousands of users problems.

The couple reconciled last month and with recent pictures of their steamy holiday to Hawaii, a sex tape doesn't exactly seem a crazy idea.

According to security site, Sophos the Facebook event invitation has been appearing across the social networking site promising a sneak peek into the sex life of the on-off couple.

Several different messages have reportedly been sent out, but the most popular link has the message: "I lost all respect for her after watching this [LINK]."

In a blog on Sophos warning users against being fooled by the supposed sextape they said: "Facebook's security team is blocking the links as they have been reported as malicious, but it's always possible that whoever is behind this scam could use another disguise to try to waltz past that protection,"

"Scams like this only spread because of human's natural curiosity and desire to watch a sleazy celebrity sex video," it went on, advising victims to delete the message and any remnants of it on their accounts.

Rihanna's not exactly shy about flaunting her romance with Chris Brown (Instagram/BadGirlRiri)

Rihanna and Chris are the latest celeb victims of faux sex tape viruses. Last month a Harry Styles and Taylor Swift sex tape fooled users in a similar way.

It's not the first time RiRi has been the victim on an online leak, when the couple were dating the first time round, nude pictures intended for Chris were posted online, showing the star's smoking hot body.

Chris Brown and Rihanna's journey back together

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Chris Brown and Rihanna hint at a rekindled relationship, wishing everyone 'A Thug Life Christmas' (Photo: Splash News)