Mila Kunis Leaps To The Defence Of Oscars Host Seth MacFarlane, Saying He Was 'Born' To Do It

Star doesn't think Seth did badly

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Mila Kunis and James Franco came to the defence of Oscars host Seth MacFarlane, saying that her co-star and boss on Family Guy did a good job, despite having only seen a few clips of the ceremony as she was on a plane at the time.

Speaking at a press conference for her new movie Oz the Great and Powerful, the star said: “I was flying so I missed all of it, literally, I was told though that he did an amazing job, and I'm sure that he did a fantastic job. I believe that Seth was born to host the Oscars.”

MacFarlane's performance caused controversy, with many accusing the host of sexism with his opening number “We saw you're boobs”, which referenced all the times audiences saw actreesses' breasts on screen, even if they were playing a character who'd been the victim of rape.

Mila Kunis thinks Seth MacFarlane was "born to do the Oscars (Photo: WENN)

Mila though didn't have a bad word to say about MacFarlane, adding: “He's so brilliant, and so talented, and there's nothing that that man cannot do, so the little bit of clips that I have seen he was great and I think he's done a fantastic job.”

Co-star James Franco agreed, despite being in Daytona promoting Sam Raimi's take on the Wizard of Oz legend.

Franco said: “Yeah I heard he did a great job, I was in Daytona promoting this film though so I didn't get to see it.”

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