Justin Bieber Leaves Birthday Celebrations After Five Minutes Following 'Club Confrontation'

'Worst Birthday' according to poor Biebs

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Justin Bieber has been looking forward to his big 19th birthday celebrations all week, excitedly tweeting about his London party plans. By the sounds of it though the night didn't live up the all the hype as poor Biebs was soon tweeting about his 'worst birthday'!

Justin has been leading up to his party all week as rumours about a £10,000 circus themed bash in the capital circulated. In the end it did turn into a circus but not in the way the birthday boy had in mind.

After writing excitedly about his “big night ahead” just hours before, the 19-year-old star soon took to twitter to post “Worst birthday" at around 2am this morning.

So what happened? According to eyewitnesses at the star's circus-themed birthday party at London’s Cirque du Soir, it was all down to a run-in with club security.

Bad night: Justin Bieber seen leaving the Cirque du Soir club in London just five minutes after arriving (Craig Harris/WENN)

With guests present including singer rumoured flame Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke and celeb mate Jaden Smith, a confrontation reportedly occurred between Bieber’s entourage and club security, prompting Justin and his entire group to cut short the celebrations, an insider tells E!

According to sources at WENN who captured the night on camera, Justin (in a black furry coat and leopard print man bag) was seen arriving at the club at 2am and left just 5 minutes after, after apparently deciding he didn't like the club. The group then headed off to Mcdonald's in Earls Court before the birthday boy was spotted heading back to his hotel. “#BeliebersHatePaparazzi” was soon trending on Twitter, as fans blamed the paps for the ruined birthday.

Meanwhile another reason for Bieber's bad night could have been down to events on the other side of the Atlantic as his best mate Lil Twist was allegedly pulled over by police while driving the star's Fisker Karma on the 101 Freeway earlier on Friday.

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old rapper was flagged down by the California Highway Patrol because he made an unsafe lane change. It's not the first time Bieber's fast ride has got him in trouble as Justin was also pulled over in the Fisker Karma last July. Then back on New Year's Day, Lil Twist was stopped by cops while driving another of Justin's cars, his white Ferrari 458 Italia. A photographer named Chris Guerra subsequently died attempting to capture the moment with Justin saying afterwards: "While I was not present nor directly involved with this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim". 

In the latest incident the police reportedly let the lane change charge go, but apparently ticketed Lil Twist  for having tinted windows on the luxury car, which costs over $100,000.

Oh dear, here's hoping a Happy Meal at McDonalds cheered the birthday boy up..

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Justin Bieber cut short his birthday celebrations in London (Craig Harris/WENN)