Kim Kardashian 'Desperate To Do Naked Pregnancy Shoot' But Kanye Says No!

Kim wants to a Demi Moore

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Kim Kardashian is apparently "desperate" to immortalise her pregnant bod in art, taking part in  a naked photo shoot with her baby bump- Demi Moore style.

The reality star is said to be planning a pregnancy photo shoot as a souvenir, a move made famous by other celebs in the past like Demi, but there's one problem Kim's man Kanye West reportedly thinks it's a terrible idea and has banned her from doing it!

A source close to the mum-to-be, who is due to give birth in July, has revealed: “It’s something Kim has wanted to do for years."

"She thinks it would be really classy – something she could keep as a souvenir forever. But Kanye believes some things should be kept private," the insider tells the Daily Star

Doing a Demi? Kim Kardashian reportedly wants to pose naked! (WENN)

Kanye has apparently “made it clear to Kim in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want her posing nude and showing off her baby bump to the world.” Sounds like Kanye wants to keep Kim and her bump to himself.

Not to be outdone though, sneaky Kim has apparently gone behind her boyfriend's back and is already talking to some of the biggest fashion magazines in the hope of securing a deal to show the snaps. “She knows it may be her only chance of being on the front cover of some of those magazines, which normally turn their nose up at her," the insider adds.

Poor Kanye thinks it's totally the wrong way to go though and doesn't want the mother of kids ruining the rep of their future kids: “Kanye wants her to become more respectable and less publicity-hungry. He has dreams of their kids going to the finest schools and universities."

“He’s come up from humble beginnings and he sees this as opportunity to build a dynasty.”

What do you think? Should Kim do a Demi?

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