From Star Trek To Star Wars? Zoe Saldana Wants In On The Star Wars Action

The actress plans to jump (star)ship!

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Zoe Saldana may already be involved with one sci-fi franchise but apparently the beautiful actress finds it so addictive, she wants more!

Saldana joined the cast of Star Trek a few years ago when uber-cool director J.J Abrams decided to reboot the format and give it a modern makeover.

The film was a massive smash hit at the box office and it was not surprising when a sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness was announced.

Last year though Disney bought the rights to the classic Star Wars series and revealed that they would be making many more instalments.

Oddly enough they even managed to get Abrams to sign up to direct Star Wars: Episode VII!

The stunning actress spoke to E! Online about all of the crossovers between the Star Trek and Star Wars groups adding that she would love to make a name in both.

Saldana said "I'm getting ready to call them, I tell you that," she said. "I want to be a sexy something, like a princess from another planet."

Is that a hint? Would Zoe Saldana like to be the next Princess Leia?

She certainly looks the part!

Zoe Saldana - Star Trek star and future Star Wars actress? (Credit: Apega?

The actress talked about J.J Abrams and how he is directing both Star Treck and the next Star Wars adding how thrilled she is about it all.

"I'm totally ecstatic," she said. But added she hoped Abrams wouldn't desert the Trekkers completely.

"We are going to give him s**t because we don't want him to ever think about leaving just in case we go into a third instalment of Star Trek".

Space fans remain very worried about Abrams taking the reigns on both major projects and feel that he might not be right for Star Wars. Only time will tell!

At least one thing is for sure, Simon Pegg will not be leaving Trek for Wars.

He dismissed the rumours as "absolute Bantha poodoo".