The Feeling's Mutual! Chris Brown Also 'Wants To Have Children With Rihanna One Day'

Are babies the next step in this couple's relationship?

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Chris Brown is said to share Rihanna's sentiments in settling down and having children, but it looks like the 'Diamonds' singer may have to wait a while as an insider says Chris won't be ready to start a family for a few years.

The 'Unapologetic' songstress, who will be kicking off her 'Diamonds' world tour in the US this week, recently admitted in an interview with Elle magazine that she would “probably have a kid” with Chris, whom she reconciled with last year.

Chris Brown and Rihanna both reportedly see kids in their future (London Entertainment / Splash)

While the pair have only been back together for a few months, a source claims that Chris has the same plans for their future and is keen to start a family with Rihanna – but not any time soon.

“Chris feels the same way — he would have a baby with RiRi, but that’s way down the road because they’re both young and in ther prime. But yeah, Chris wants kids one day,” an insider told HollywoodLife.

“Chris has a big family to support him. Rihanna has a big a*s family too, so you know that kid would be loved like you wouldn’t believe. But all in do time –that’s in the works, but years down the line.”

It would appear that Chris and RiRi have a mutual understanding with one another and are in no rush to make the huge commitment just yet.

“They don’t pressure each other on stuff like that. They’re both mature when it comes to serious stuff. I don’t give a f**k how rich and successful someone is, 23 and 25 is too young to be having kids,” a source said.

“Right now, they just want to be, you know, enjoying their lives, partying, doing what they do and loving each other. That’s on the agenda for a minute and they love what they’ve got going.”

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Chris Brown and Rihanna hint at a rekindled relationship, wishing everyone 'A Thug Life Christmas' (Photo: Splash News)