Adele 'Will Release A Disco Album Next Because She's So Happy,' According To BFF Alan Carr

Will Adele take a break from belting out those ballads?

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Adele may be used to showcasing her amazing voice by belting out the ballads, but it seems like she may be taking a slightly different route with her next album, as BFF Alan Carr has hinted that it may be DISCO themed.

The singer's first two albums have been famously penned over her heartbreak and have gone on to shift millions of copies around the globe. However, Alan has told Capital FM that her next record may be slightly different.

"I mean she's so happy now it will probably be a disco album," he said when asked about the singer. "She'll be doing the running man in her video."

The Chatty Man host also revealed how there was no truth to reports that she is set to sit down for an exclusive Beyonce documentary style interview in the near future. Alan revealed how he admires the singer's ability to keep her life private and said she'll most likely return to interviews when she is promoting her next album.

"Do you know what I love about her? She's old school. She's glam. She's [got that] mystique and I love all that," he added.

Adele proudly clutches her Oscar (Photo: WENN)

Meanwhile, despite Adele's huge success, it seems like the singer hasn't let any of it go to her head and is still the same person her family knew before all of the fame and fortune.

Adele's aunty Anita Adkins, told The Sun: “I’m a fan and I cried over her, but she’s my niece and that’s as far as it goes.

“She doesn’t get any special treatment — of course not. Why would she? There’s plenty of nieces, nephews and grandchildren in this family so no one gets any special treatment, I can tell you. They’re all treated the same.

“Adele comes round and she’s still got to go and make her nan a cup of tea, I’m afraid.”

And that's why we love you, Adele!

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