Romance on The Walking Dead? 'There's A Naive Sweetness Between Carol and Daryl'

Actor Norman Reedus and the producer discuss the future of the characters

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Romance on The Walking Dead? 'There's A Naive Sweetness Between Carol and Daryl'
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The Walking Dead probably be the first choice for a TV romance. Despite being questioned for its extreme violence and death scenes the AMC series has grabbed viewer attention most recently with the potential love story emerging between Daryl and Carol.

Norman Reedus, who plays fan favourite, Daryl spoke to E! about what he thought was in store for the unlikely couple. Playing the tortured hunter and tracker he told the network: "There's reasons why people fight. People fight because they're protecting somebody or they're trying to prove a point. I'm trying to play Daryl like he fights because he's always had to fight."

"His back's always been up against the wall, so when it comes to Carol, I don't think he's one of those guys that has any sort of smooth moves," he admits.

Norman Reedus says his character doesn't have much game with the ladies (Wenn)

Reedus says that the relationship between the characters is more realistic than on most other shows: "This storyline has molded a little bit towards that; damaged people gravitating towards each other is more interesting.

"When a guy meets a girl, it's awkward. There's all these little awkward things to play instead of guy-girl kiss; that's a soap opera. We're not really doing that."

The executive producer Gregory Nicotero also weighed in on the subject and told E! how the actors themselves have influenced the way the characters' stories have played out.

"I have a really good position because I know all the characters; I've been on set with them every day and you always look at the way Norman handles things and he's always very tentative. He never really ever 100 percent commits."

"Any time there's an interaction between him and Carol, it's always kind of tentative. I like that about them, that there's a naive sort of sweetness about them. Whether it ever actually connects, I don't know, but that tension really is great."