GET THE LOOK: Mila Kunis' Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

The beauty secrets of the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' revealed

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Mila Kunis' trademark smoky eyes earned her the title of Sexiest Woman Alive so we thought it was about time to try them ourselves. Recreate her look with our exclusive makeup tutorial...

Sultry dark eyeshadow, groomed brows and a feline flick are key elements of Mila's red carpet look, transforming her from the teenager we grew up watching on That '70s Show to the grown up Hollywood star she is today.

Our exclusive make up tutorial explains how to get Mila's look and avoid those panda eyes:

Start off with foundation and concealer to even our your complexion, paying particular attention to the under eye area and any blemishes. Contour shades add definition to cheeks and just above the eyebrows, followed by highlighter.

Moving on to the eyebrows, add definition with brow pencil working in the direction of your hair.

Eyeshadow base should be applied all over the eyelid, using your brown bone as a guide for where to apply the colour.

Two types of eyeliner helped us recreate Mila's '60's look - liquid eyeliner is perfect for defining bottom eyelashes and creating a retro feel while opening up the eyes.

A lick of mascara rounds off the eyes, while lips are given a natural sheen with two blended lip pencils.

To finish, lip gloss adds a little shine but lets the eyes do the talking. Add falsies for a real red carpet feel!

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