Jennifer Lawrence 'Considering Moving To London For Adele And Career'?

The Oscar-winning actress is thinking about joining pal Adele in Notting Hill

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Jennifer Lawrence might be planning a move to the UK if rumours are anything to be believed. The 23-year-old star is apparently thinking about coming to the UK after meeting British singer and new BFF Adele at the Oscars this year.

It seems like Oscar winners like sticking together! The Best Song winner Adele and Best Actress J-Law are reported to be so inseparable after meeting last month that the songstress wants Lawrence to move down the road from her in London.

It wouldn't be the first time the Silver Linings Playbook actress spent a lot of time in the UK as she recently went out with X-Men co-star and Brit Nicholas Hoult.

According to an insider who spoke to Marie Claire, "Jennifer’s set to come to London later this year to film an X Men movie and Adele’s recommending she move to Notting Hill, where she has a house".

Adele shows off her Oscar for Best Song (Credit: WENN)

However IMDb reveals that so far the only announced location for the X-Men follow up is Canada. There are a lot of British actors like James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen staring in the next movie so perhaps a UK based location could still be on the cards?

Lawrence's schedule does appear to be very open at the moment with the X-Men film being the only job booked in however since the blonde beauty just won an academy award this doesn't look set to last!

The actress still needs to finish the last movie in The Hunger Games trilogy which are all being shot in America and is also signed up to appear alongside Christian Bale in a romantic drama called The Ends of the Earth.

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