As Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Cheating Rumours Continue: Are The Couple Heading For A Breakup?

Are the couple heading for splitsville? Or is it just all rumours?

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Speculation has surrounded Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship recently, following rumours that Liam cheated on the Hannah Montana star with January Jones. Has the constant pressure of having a celeb relationship finally got to the pair? Or will they be walking down the aisle before we know it?

Here at EntertainmentWise, we're constantly faced with the latest Miley and Liam gossip, so we decided to find out our Celebrity Editor Rebecca Merriman's thoughts on the whole thing.

The rumours began when Liam was allegedly spotted 'kissing January Jones' at a party, with the media quick to speculate whether Miley was going to call off the couple's engagement. However, denying that the wedding had been called off, Miley then took to Twitter to say that she was taking a break from the social networking site and was 'sick of L.A liers.'

The cheating rumours are still up in the air and the fact that the actress/singer has since been pictured WITHOUT her engagement ring has just added to the speculation that there may be trouble in paradise.


Are Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth heading for splitsville? (Photo: Splash News)

However, sources have since said that Liam is simply taking a break with brother Chris in Australia and him and Miley are still very much together.

A source told People magazine: “Liam did fly home to Australia so they could have a break. He has been spending time with his brother Chris, with whom he is very close."

"Miley is still upset with Liam. She took her engagement ring off to make him mad.”

But, this doesn't mean that the wedding is off, the source continued: “But, it doesn't mean that they have split. Miley says they are still together."

They continued, "Miley is crazy about Liam, but sometimes doesn't treat him great. She likes things her way and tends to play games."

What do you think? Will Miley and Liam's relationship be back on track before we know it?

Check out what our celeb editor thinks in the video above.

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