Justin Bieber's Manager Scooter Braun Denies Star's Breakdown Rumours: 'He's In A Great Place'

Scooter has denied rumours that the pressures of childhood fame are getting to Biebs

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Justin Bieber shocked us all with some of his bizarre behaviour whilst in London last week, but the star's manager Scooter Braun has denied rumours that he is heading for a breakdown, simply saying that the singer is in a 'great place right now.'

After recent drama during Biebs' UK leg of his Believe tour, rumours have suggested that the popstar's childhood fame is finally getting the better of him and he's heading to breaking point. However, Scooter has been quick to jump to the heartthrob's defence.

"There's nothing wrong with him," he told E! Online at singer Tori Kelly's secret show at the Conduit lounge at SXSW earlier today, adding: "He's in a great place."

Braun said the Portugal concert cancellation actually happened a while ago because of real technical issues stemming from the time it takes to move the entire concert production from one location to another.

"It has nothing to do with anything other than that," Braun said. "Tell everyone Justin is good, really good."

Biebs has engaged in a whole host of odd behaviour over the past week - from being spotted out and about wearing a bizarre gas mask, to fainting on stage and threatening to 'beat the f**k' out of a photographer. However, despite all of the drama, the superstar has vowed to return to the UK in the future.

Biebs' manager Scooter has denied that the star's heading for a breakdown (Photo: WENN)

Speaking of his alleged cancelled Saturday Night Takeaway appearance, he took to Twitter yesterday to say: "lol. i see the tweets from the UK fans. I was never scheduled to be on any tv show saturday night. just rumours...again. lol"

He continued, "i was always scheduled to leave the UK that day...and I loved every show I had at the O2 this past week. the UK Beliebers are incredible"

"i will be back. and i will see u again. and I am grateful for all of u. U are what made some of the other stuff ;) worth it."

"i love my #beliebers - relax. i always got u. always gonna be there. much love"

Despite denying breakdown rumours, new reports suggest that Justin's mum Pattie is apparently trying to rekindle her son's relationship with Selena Gomez in a bid to make him feel better.

“Selena is incredibly grounded and very mature for one so young. She was a superb, calming influence on Justin and didn’t stand for any of his nonsense. She is also just as big a star as him which meant there was no ego with either of them," a source tells The Mirror.

"His mum, Pattie, has been instrumental in trying to reunite the pair and told Justin to reach out. With all the trouble he’s been having of late, Selena was one of the first to get in touch and offer her support. The hope is that they will meet up somewhere quiet within the next three weeks. Both have use of a private jet so distance isn’t a problem.”

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