VIDEO: From Robbie Williams To Sharon Osbourne Who Will Join The X Factor Judging Panel?

With rumours rife of Tulisa's exit is it time for a shake up?

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We're months away from the new series of X Factor but before filming begins there's one very important issue to sort out, who's going to be on that judging panel?

With growing rumours that Tulisa will not be returning for a third season there's more than likely going to be at least one spare spot on the coveted panel, with Robbie Williams, Mel B and Sharon Osbourne all potential names thrown into the pot.

First things first though, if Tuls does wave goodbye where exactly did it all go wrong? EntertainmentWise editor Claire Rutter reckons the N Dubz star has "served her time on the X Factor panel, people want to see something fresh."

Times up for Tulisa? With exit rumours who will be sitting on the 2013 X Factor panel? (WENN)

"Her pop career has certainly taken a dive. At first there was the novelty of having someone quite young but she didn't really bring any glamour to it, she always seemed to be a little bit out if place, a little try hard."

Ouch! It's true to say though that Tulisa never quite lived up to the X Factor glory days and style icons like Cheryl Cole though, Claire adds "Cheryl was on point week after week on how she presented herslef. It didn't seem like Tulisa's heart was in it."

So could Cheryl make a comeback to panel? Well judging by her ongoing legal battles with the US version of the show it seems like Chezza's bridges have been burned when it comes to the ITV show.

Perhaps fellow show veteran Sharon could return to her seat? Watch our video above to get all the latest on the every-changing X Factor judging panel, one thing's for sure- Louis Walsh will be back...

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