Kate Middleton's Grey Hairs To Spark Global Trend?

Will we embrace grey thanks to The Duchess Of Cambridge?

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Kate Middleton's much anticipated pregnancy meant the whole world spotted her first grey hairs instantly. We love that the Duchess is keeping it natural so we're celebrating the celebs who've rocked the trend... will it be you next?

Perrie Edwards, Pixie Geldof, Ellie Goulding, Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne have all opted to go grey with amazing results... and we predict Kate's natural grey streaks will spark a roots revival!

Kate may have previously dyed her roots (WENN 130313)

Five-months-pregnant Kate Middleton stepped out on a trip to Grimsby last week with her first grey hairs shining proudly through. It's not advisable for the Duchess to reach for the hair dye while pregnant in any case, but we think it's great she's embracing her roots.

The look is especially poignant as a host of celebs have chosen to go grey of late, with Marina Diamandis of Marina And The Diamonds, Jaime Winstone and even Mark Ronson trying the trend.

Everything Kate is seen wearing flies off the shelves instantly as women around the world strive to copy her look. Her grey hairs might inspire the nation but what does the Duchess think?

"She's not especially pleased about it - who would be? Like any girl she worries about her looks, especially when she knows the whole world is watching her", a royal source told Now magazine.

But she's a strong girl so she'll take it in her stride".

We predict sales of hair dye might plummet after news of Kate's new 'do takes hold.... we don't think there's any need for her to worry!

See the celebs who support Kate going grey...

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Kelly Osbourne went grey before opting for a lilac rinse... the ultimate in granny chic! (WENN 130313)