The Bachelor's Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici's Relationship Is 'Based On A Mutual Desire For Fame'

Body language expert Judi James casts her critical eye over the TV couple

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Sean Lowe's proposal to Catherine Giudici on Monday night's season final of The Bachelor may have captured the hearts of viewers, but is the fledgling couple's romance for real?

Sean ended his bachelor days when he popped the question to Catherine in a shock finale this week. The couple were quick to declare their love for one another on Good Morning America the next day, announcing their intention to marry as soon as possible.

Can a relationship forged on reality TV ever last though or will Sean and Catherine fail where so many others before them have (remember Newlweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? Emily Maynard and Brad Womack?) EntertainmentWise spoke to body language expert Judi James to get her take on Sean and Catherine.

“What were seeing now is a new breed of relationship that is quasi virtual, based on mutual desire for fame as much as genuine attraction values”, Judi reveals.

Despite all those loved-up on camera PDAs the body language expert isn't convinced, adding “all the more sizzling poses between these two look created for a 1980s travel brochure, rather than capturing anything that looks like spontaneous passion.”

Real love? Judi James isn't convinced by Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe's loving looks (WENN)

Judi picks out specific moments where she believes the couple gave away the true extent of their feelings: “When they used eye contact on the show their facial expressions dropped where I would be looking for a softening of the features in a genuine look of love. Her warmest, most affectionate smiles tend to be aimed at the cameras in these shots.

“The leakage signals don't look good either. Her hand is clawed when they kiss in one shot, suggesting effort and attention.”

Catherine's clawed hand suggests "effort and attention" (WENN)

Of course it's hard for anyone to be completely natural in front of the cameras so if Sean and Catherine really are for real, can their relationship survive away from the public's gaze?

“Mutual ambition can be a very strong aphrodisiac in modern society. Speidi forged a ferocious relationship that no one could work out and although the reality pairings are still in the embryo stage in the UK the US is a few dog years ahead in the evolutionary stages.

“If the press attention is sustained with attention on both of them this could work whether or not they discover true feelings once the cameras are switched off. “

With the news that Sean has signed up for the forthcoming series of Dancing With The Stars though, Judi thinks there could be trouble on the horizon, adding “I'd say they could struggle if he does Dancing With the Stars by himself though. This is where Speidi got it right, they only come as a double act!”

Time will tell with Catherine and Sean, what do you reckon are they for real?

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