M.I.A. Banned From Leaving US With Son After Ex-Boyfriend Files Restraining Order

The 'Bad Girls' rapper has now been temporarily banned from bringing her son to London

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M.I.A. has been banned from trying to leave the US with her son after her billionaire ex-fiance Benjamin Bronfman filed a temporary restraining order to stop her from bringing him to London.

The 'Bad Girls' rapper shares custody of her four-year-old son with her ex-fiance Benjamin, whom she split with in February 2012, but it appears relations between the former couple are fairly strained after M.I.A – real name Mathangi Arulpragasam – allegedly attempted to bring their son, Ikhyd, to London where she was born.

M.I.A. has been handed a restraining order by her ex-boyfriend after trying to leave the US with her son (JSB/PixPlanete/WENN.com)

However, Benjamin was said to be furious with M.I.A.'s plans, taking legal action against the rapper and successfully obtaining a temporary restraining order which prevents her from leaving the country with Ikhyd.

“M.I.A has been texting and calling Ben, saying she will take their son to London, even though they both live in Brooklyn and the child goes to school there,” a source told the New York Post.

“Ben filed a motion for a temporary restraining order preventing her from taking their son to the UK against his wishes.”

After reportedly receiving the legal papers on Wednesday night, M.I.A. launched a Twitter rant about the situation, but later deleted the tweets.

“BEN you can't take my son away from me 'The mother'. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have the right,” the livid rapper wrote. “WOW. THE BRONFMANS WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME. WHAT KIND OF S**T IS THAT? THEY NEVER SEE HIM.

“Every child needs the MOTHER, I GREW UP WITHOUT A DAD. If grew up without my mother I wouldn't be here."

The 37-year-old rapper also retweeted a message of support from Twitter user @TM_RELOADED, which read: “The mother is way more important for a child than the father imo. He should think about that. I wish u the best.”

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