'It's Absolutely Vile': Helen Flanagan Defends Former Co-Star Michael Le Vell

The actress has stood by Coronation Street star charged with child sex crimes

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Since he was charged with child sex crimes, Michael Le Vell's co-stars have pretty much kept quiet about the Coronation Street star and the offences he has been accused of, but today, Helen Flanagan joined his side when she spoke out about his arrest.

Helen played Le Vell's on-screen daughter Rosie Webster from January 2000 to February last year and said that she feels sick to her stomach when she thinks about what he is going through, adding that she doesn't believe a word of it.

And she has now called for anonymity for those charged with child sex crimes until they have been convicted in a court of law.

Helen Flanagan has come to the defence of her former Coronation Street co-star Michael Le Vell, who has been charged with 19 child sex offences (WENN)

Helen is very close to Le Vell, who played mechanic Kevin Webster, and she said it is very hard to stand by and watch her friend be vilified in the press, prompting her to call for the change in regulation.

"I was so shocked to hear that the allegations had come back," she told the Sunday People. "It's absolutely vile what is being said about him. It sickens you to your stomach.

"I don't think things like that should be in the press until it's proven... It's terrible. I have spoken to him and he knows I am there for him."

Last month the case was reviewed and Le Vell was arrested and appeared in court charged with six rapes, six indecent assaults and seven offences of sexual activity with a child over a nine-year period, forcing him to quit his role on Coronation Street.

He also stated that none of his co-stars had come out and stood beside him and given him the support he needed and added that he felt "depressed" and "isolated".

Only Bill Roache who plays Ken Barlow spoke out about the charges and said he was concerned about how Le Vell had been portrayed and urged people to wait and see the outcome of the trial before condemning him.

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