'Doctor Who's Greatest Secret Will Be Revealed': Steven Moffat Promises Ahead Of New Series

Fans will be in for a treat when the new series begins

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Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat has promised fans that Doctor Who's "biggest secret" will be revealed in the new series of the popular sci-fi drama.

Speaking about the show at the press launch recently, Steven was asked to highlight his personal highlights of the new series. Excited with what the new series has to offer, the talented writer told EntertainmentWise:

"The doctor’s greatest secret will be revealed. It actually will. I’m not lying."

Doctor Who and Clara are set for a new adventure, are you? (BBC Pictures)

Matt Smith, who currently plays the Time Lord added that he has loved working with the host of guest stars who will be making appearances throughout the series.

He said: "We’ve got Liam Cunningham who is a personal favourite actor of mine, we’ve got a submarine, we’ve got the ice warriors and we’ve got the cybermen back in new guise. We’ve got Neil Gaiman writing the script. We’ve got Diana Rig playing an old hag – with sexiness and grace – and her daughter who is also brilliant and the scene between them is a Mark Gatiss script which is full of fan boy love."

The actor, who will be joined by new companion Clara, played by former Emmerdale actress Jenna Louise Coleman, added:

"Towards the end of the season we might have one of those clever Moffat creations – one of the new classic monsters."

Moffat also spoke of the directors that have played their part in creating the series. He said:

"We find directors with ambition not to just get the show made but to show off a bit and that’s what we’re looking for. Directors who actually actively want to impress you. They’re just not there to get the show done in the time which is actually quite difficult in itself.

"We make no demands on Doctor Who, we say: 'This one’s your one, make it your one'. We say that to the writers as well, 'Treat it like you own it' and that’s really important."

We can't wait for the new series to begin!

Matt and Jenna get to work on set

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Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman spotted filming new Doctor Who scenes in central London October 16 2012 (WENN.com)