Khloe Kardashian 'Transforming Her Whole Image' To 'Help Keep Her X Factor USA Job'?

According to reports, the reality TV star is working hard on her new look

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Following the recent reports over Khloe Kardashian's future on The X Factor USA, it has now been alleged that the reality TV star is doing all she can to make sure she returns to the show, including "transforming" her look.

Claiming that Khloe wants to change her "whole image", a source told Heat magazine:

"As well as having lost 1st 7lb, Khloe's been working hard to transform her whole image. She wants to look her best at all times to help her keep her X Factor USA hosting job."

We think Khloe looks stunning! (WENN)

Explaining that Khloe has reportedly enlisted help to change her look, the source continued:

"She's hired a new stylist to help her look slim and camera ready. Plus she's had facial treatments, new hair and eyelash extensions and had her brows reshaped to really define her face."

The star is believed to have recently spoken out about working out. According to Heat. she said:

"I work out consistently, three to five days a week. If I do too much too soon...I know I'll go back and binge-eat-and cry. (Staying in shape) is a lifelong thing for me. I tried to cut out a lot of sweets, I'm just changing my diet slowly. I'm not where I want to be...but it's a lifestyle change."

Well whatever Khloe decides to do with her look, we're sure she'll look fantastic!

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