'I Can't Take It Anymore': Nicki Minaj Slams American Idol's Music Producer As Lazaro Arbos Gives 'Worst Performance'

The judges were left unimpressed with Lazaro's performance last night

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The drama continued on the second live episode of American Idol last night as Nicki Minaj appeared to slam the show's music producer after hopeful Lazaro Arbos failed to impress the judges with his performance.

With Randy Jackson describing Lazaro's rendition of the Beatles song, 'In My Life' , as his "worst performance", adding: "It was out of tune from beginning to end. Something has definitely happened to you. Where did the vocals go? You are just not hitting it on all cylinders", Nicki appeared to point the blame elsewhere telling a visibly upset Lazaro:

"I still feel you are not back to the Lazaro I remember. I need them to stop putting you in the room with Jimmy, I can't take it any more. Your confidence is different now. You used to come on the stage and were owning it honey child, and working it, but now I don't know.

"You know what you do, don't let anyone else tell you what to do. Where is your mind? Something is bothering you and I need you back."

Lazaro failed to impress the judges with his perofrmance (WENN)

As Randy and Nicki remained critical of Lazaro - who in previous rounds impressed the judges with his performances - Mariah offered the hopeful a glimmer of hope telling him: "I commend you on your bravery every time you stand up on stage and make it through the song. It is a big deal."

Making the last comment, Keith Urban said: "The song may have been a bit low for you but it is about your courage and perseverance. Choosing the key of a song is really important, one of them is going to bring out the tone in your voice and the key change did that. I would have started in that key if I was you."

Visibly upset by the comments, a disheartened Lazaro told host Ryan Seacrest: "I learned that song last night, I had chosen a different song but because of some things we had to change it."

Whilst Lazaro failed to get the comments he was hoping for, Kree Harrison blew the judges away with her performance.

Having heard Kree sing 'With A Little Help From My Friends', Nicky told her: "I adore that you always put your own Kreedom on it", before adding that Kree was well on her way to becoming a "superstar". 

"The choices you make musically are always the perfect choices for your voice. You have started to become a superstar before our eyes. You are the whole entire package", Nicki gushed.

The American Idol finalists perform

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