American Idol Drama As Nicki Minaj 'Ignored' Paul Jolley Following Elimination?

According to Paul, Nicki didn't 'speak to him'

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Last night saw the elimination of singer Paul Jolley from American Idol and whilst the judges and his fellow contestants wished him well after it was announced that he was leaving, the one person who reportedly didn't was Nicki Minaj.

Having appeared passionate about the elimination round last week when Curtis Finch Jr was sent home after the sing-off, it appears Nicki wasn't feeling it this week after Paul, who failed to impress the judges enough to save them, told Us Weekly:

"She didn't come up and speak to me. I don't know why." However Paul was quick to add: "But I still love her."

Nicki is said to have not spoken to Paul when he left the show (WENN)

Whilst Paul and Nicki may have not been able to share words with each other, Paul did reveal that he spoke to Mariah Carey who offered him words of advice.

He continued to Zap2it: "[Mariah Carey] was pretty much telling me don't give up and keep pushing forward and she would love for me to do pop. And I respect her opinion of that, and I love her dearly.

"She's so sweet, but ultimately I'm going to stick to doing my country-pop thing, because that's ultimately what I want to do and stick to. I mean, I might pull a Darius Rucker here and start pop and then go back to country next week."

Paul became the second contestant to leave the show (WENN)

He said of Keith: "Keith Urban was the first one to literally sprint out of his chair and get up there and give me a hug, and that meant a lot to me. Ever since I've been a little kid, he's always been my idol, and I've always looked up to him."

The singer also admitted that he knew he was going to be eliminated. He said: "I woke up and I had my moment with God and I realized, 'I'm going home today.' I knew it, in my heart, 100 percent. And I was prepared for it."

The finalists perform on the show

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