Miley Cyrus Gets Together With Snoop Lion: 'I'm So Excited About It'

But is it the crazy collaboration that's making her so happy?

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These two seem to go through more bumpy patches than an inefficient leg waxer, but it looks like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are loved up once more.

Liam's back from LA, Miley's mood is so buoyant she could make Katie Couric look grumpy, and she's been sharing her happy vibes with US TV presenter Ryan Seacrest, who was hosting his KIIS radio show.

Miley revealed "I did a song with Snoop [Lion], and it's coming out very, very soon... I'm so excited about it.

"I want this record to be, you know, just something that's, like, different and a bunch of... passion projects."

Miley Cyrus attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party, 24 February, LA, California (

If that's not exciting enough, Miley and Snoop aren't just musical collaborators - they're now pals too. "He was in Europe when he was recording, but he's here [in LA] this weekend, so I'm pretty excited. I think I'm going to take a bunch of my friends and go and hang out."

Now that's a party we'd love to get an invite to - or watch through a window like a creepy reality telly addict. Do you think Liam will be invited? What will he make of Miley's new chum? Tell us what you think!

Check out Liam's return to LA here:

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Liam Hemsworth arrives back in Los Angeles after spending time in Australia and the Philippines (Splash News)