Tom Daley Wants Louis Walsh In Speedos For Splash! Series Two

Now there's a mental image...

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Who would you most like to see in their Speedos for a second series of Splash? If Tom Daly gets his way, you might be staring at X Factor judge Louis Walsh rocking the budgie smugglers.

Tom revealed that he's optimistic about Series 2. "The first series did pretty well and I'm looking forward to doing it again, improving it and making it even better, and to see if we can get the viewing figures up even more," he told Digital Spy's Anna Williamson at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

He added "Someone said to me a few months ago about how hilarious it would be to see Louis Walsh doing it, and ever since I've had an image of seeing Louis Walsh trying to dive off a board.

Tom Daley attending the BRIT Awards, 02 arena, London, 20 February (

"He would be funny to try and teach how to dive! Louis Walsh in his Speedos!" Oh, Tom. There goes our lunch.

Tom has become a megastar after his Olympic achievements this summer, but apparently even he gets shy sometimes - especially in front of HRH Her Majesty the Queen. "You get taught on how to greet her and I got really nervous about what to say," he explained.

"She speaks really quietly so I didn't want to keep saying 'pardon' to her. She told me to keep up the good work." We say that sounds like pretty good advice!

What's that? You'd rather see Tom himself in his Speedos than Louis Walsh? Check out pictures here...

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