Kim Kardashian Fears She's Ruining Kanye West's Reputation With Her Style?

After finding herself on the worst dressed list

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In the latest episode of Kourtney And Kim Take Miami, Kim Kardashian's style came under question after the reality TV star found out that she had made a worst dressed list.

Shocked that her style hadn't met the standards of a blog, the reality TV star started to worry that her name on the worst dressed list could have a negative impact on boyfriend Kanye West's reputation.

Having pointed out her place on the worst dressed list by Kourtney Kardashian's partner Scott Disick, Kim went on to wail to Scott: "I’m on the worst dressed list?

"I already have so much pressure to go shopping again because I don’t have enough stuff here."

As the star who has been sporting a different style of maternity wear recently, embarked on a shopping trip, Kimmy who will be giving birth in July, said: "It’s part of my job to look chic at all times. And as if Kanye has the time to dress me every day…I feel bad that Kanye gets the bad rap for dressing me.

"It’s so rude."

Kim was worried her style would give Kanye a bad rep (WENN)

With Kim on a mission to shop, Kourtney was quick to pint out what she thought of Kim's spending spree telling her sister: "You guys are too superficial as a couple. I don’t know how you can spend $5,000 on a dress without even thinking about it."

Despite Kourntey's comments, Kim carried on with her shopping spree online before adding: "I don’t want to give my boyfriend this bad rep because for some reason everyone blames him for dressing me."

However, it appears Kim anxiety over how her style would impact Kanye's rep was all for nothing after Kim told Kourtney what Kanye had said to her on her phone.

She said: "He couldn’t care less what people think, he said he’d love me no matter what I wear."

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