Helen Mirren Hints At Lack Of Female Directors In Film During Empire Awards Speech

Dame Helen wasn't too happy with so few female directors

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Helen Mirren hit out at the lack of female directors during her acceptance speech at the Empire Awards last night.

The actress who went up on stage to collect the 'Legend Award', shared her views with the audience. Referring to director of 'Skyfall' Sam Mendes' speech, Empire Online quotes Helen as saying:

"It was great to hear Sam's list of moments that inspired him in the movies. I did however note that there was not one woman's name there behind the camera." Pausing to clarify that she wasn't singling out Mendes, Helen continued:

"No, no nothing against Sam. because they were great moments he chose and it is true. When I first came into the industry, it was a really blokey world. It was like walking into the locker room of a football club."

Helen aired her views during her acceptance speech (WENN)

She added: "Nowadays that has really changed as women and girls are now in the lighting department, cinematography, in the sound department and I just hope, I pray, I know that in five or ten years time when the next Sam gets up and makes his or hopefully her's speech, there will be two or three or four or five women's names there."

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