WATCH: See Ant And Dec Transform Into PJ And Duncan For 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble'

The cheeky duo released a behind the scenes video

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The latest edition of Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway saw the cheeky presenting duo return to their popstar alter egos, PJ and Duncan after the likes of 90s bands Atomic Kitten, Five and Blue took to the stage to perform.

Having been coy about their popstar career in the past, the boys decided to go all out as they entertained the audience with their moves and throwback style.

And it appears Ant and Dec wanted to show us how they prepared for their performance on Saturday night be releasing a behind-the-scenes video of their rehearsal.

Ant and Dec returned as PJ and Duncan and we loved it! (WENN)

Dressed casually, it appears PJ and Duncan's signature moves hadn't left Ant and Dec's memories as they got straight into it.

Recalling how the idea to resurrect PJ and Duncan came about, Ant said: "It was weird when they first suggested the idea and we were like 'Oh God, no really? Does anyone want to see this?', but it's come back."

Of the dance moves, Dec added: "It's a lot quicker than I remember. We've obviously aged a bit and we've got older and slower."

Ant also admitted that he wasn't looking forward to donning PJ and Duncan's ahem, signature style...

Check out this clip!