Kelly Osbourne 'Changing Diet To Avoid Another Seizure'

Still mystified as to what caused her to fit

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Kelly Osbourne 'Changing Diet To Avoid Another Seizure'

Kelly Osbourne has reportedly changed her diet in a bit to ensure that she doesn't have another seizure, after an unexplained fit caused her to collapse whilst filming for her E! show.

Kelly was filming an episode of Fashion  Police alongside mother and daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers, when she collapsed and suffered from a seizure earlier this month. She was rushed to hospital and kept in for a number of days whilst Doctors tried to determine the cause of the random convulsions.

However, although Kelly is back home and carrying on with life as normal, it seems that Doctors' inability to find any cause has left Ozzy Osbourne's daughter concerned about her health and she is now sticking to a strict diet recommended for epilepsy sufferers.

"Not knowing what caused the fit has put Kelly on edge", a source confessed to Closer.

"She says she's petrified she'll have another one. She's eating a special high-fat, low-carb diet that's recommended for epilepsy sufferers in case it helps".

Kelly with her Fashion Police co-stars (B. Dowling/WENN)

The 28-year-old recently jetted off to Amsterdam to begin a Fashion Police promotional tour of the Netherlands, sparking concerns that she was returning to work too soon. But Kelly was quick to dispel the worries, and excitedly reassured her fans via Twitter:

"I just got the all clear from my doctor to go back to work tomorrow!!!!!"

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