Justin Bieber Caught Up In Marijuana Scandal Again? Lil Twist 'Throws Pot-Filled Party At Singer's Home'

Biebs is currently away on tour and his rapper pals have been staying at his house

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Speculation has been surrounding whether or not Justin Bieber's choice of pals are behind his recent bad boy behaviour and new reports now suggest that his friends have been throwing a "weed filled" party at the singer's Calabasas mansion, despite Biebs getting into trouble with his neighbours recently for being too loud.

According to TMZ, the beer and marijuana smoke filled Justin's expensive home, with pictures obtained by the website showing the aftermath of what looked like a rather hardcore party.

The bash was allegedly thrown by Lil Twist, who is said to be staying in the house at the moment with another friend, whilst Bieber tours the world with his 'Believe' gigs.

The picture shows a large, thought to be, shisha pipe with multiple hose attachments on a table, alon with nearly 2 dozen beer bottles and reported marijuana.

One party-goer told the site that "she left just before 2AM and it was still going strong, with music blaring and pot filling the air."

Lil Twist is the same friend of Justin's who was caught driving his Ferrari at the start of the year, creating trouble with the police after he was pulled over because of the tinted windows, reportedly. He was also caught driving Justin's Fisker into cement poles at an alcohol store earlier this month, the website reports.

Bieber is currently touring the globe on his 'Believe' tour (Photo: WENN)

This isn't the first time that Biebs has been caught up in a marijuana scandal, with the heartthrob also being pictured at the start of 2013 allegedly smoking the drug in a Newport Beach hotel room, alongside his rapper pals.

The whole thing was quick to get  out of hand, as Beliebers even started a Twitter trend with the hashtag 'cutforBieber', showing fans cutting themselves in a bid to stop Justin doing weed ever again.

According to Page Six, Justin’s issue isn’t Lil’ Twist and instead he’s upset with the so-called friend who sold the photos for a pretty decent price.

Biebs shows off his abs


Justin Bieber shows off his abs during 'Believe' tour (Photos: WENN)