REVIEW: Doctor Who, Episode 1 (Season 7, Part 2)

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman reunite to kick off the new season of the BBC show...

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The season premiere of Doctor Who kicked off this Easter weekend, bringing Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman together again for an amazing showdown against... the internet?

Yup, the internet. The Doctor may be trapped in a monastery way back in 1207, desperately tracking down the mysterious Clara Oswin Oswald, but our girl Clara is back in the 21st century. And, within a few moments, the pair find themselves face-to-face as Clara enlists the Doctor's help in relocating the internet.

Too bad she's locked onto the wrong Wi-Fi cloud. And too bad THAT Data Cloud leads to an evil organisation, headed by the enigmatic Celia Imrie, hellbent on hoovering up human minds on behalf of a mysterious client.

After the Doctor rescues Clara from a robotic hacker, the pair head off on a mission to save the day (as the good doc is always so keen to do!) and - despite the fact Clara doesn't remember the Doctor at all - rekindle that flirtatious friendship we all so loved in the Christmas 2012 episode.

And, in an intriguing twist, it turns out that Clara is the girl to save the day - while the Doctor is off chatting to Celia Imrie via the various Wi-Fi possessed inhabitants of a nearby coffee shop, she's busily tracking down the Data Cloud controllers using her savvy techno skills. "Oswald win - Oswin!"

However it's not a complete case of girl power; after a hacker clone of the Doctor hoovers up her mind, it's down to the real deal to confront Celia Imrie (in the magnificent setting of The Shard) and persuade her to release all of the trapped souls of the Data Cloud. And he has a little something extra up his sleeve to help make her mind up...

All in all, this was a fantastic season premiere - think bucketloads of suspense, creepy robotic children, an awesome array of special effects and a better Doctor-companion relationship we've seen since the days of David Tennant and Billie Piper.

And, for all those thinking Jenna-Louise Coleman would just hop aboard the Tardis (or snogging booth, as she calls it) with Matt Smith, think again. The mysterious die-and-die-again girl requires some serious wooing - and she refuses to head off on another madcap adventure unless the Doctor returns and asks her again another day.

We imagine he will - there's something strange about Clara "Oswin" Oswald (as proven by the numerous flashback sequences of the episode) and, as mentioned, there's the spark of romance between the duo to contend with. Could the 11th Doctor be about to get his heart broken all over again?

Guess that's another reason to watch episode 2 next weekend...

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