'There Was No Sizzurp' Complaints After Justin Bieber's Friends Throw Crazy Party At Star's Mansion

Star's friends are causing problems in Los Angeles

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Justin Bieber might have been in Europe for the last few months on his Believe tour but that doesn't mean his mansion in Calabasas has been empty as he's reportedly let his friends stay there while he's away and according to insiders they haven't been the best house guests, allegedly throwing debauched all night parties.

According to a new report the likes of rappers Lil Twist and King Kevi have been throwing get togethers at Bieber's million dollar mansion and it hasn't exactly gone down well with the neighbours, who've been complaining about the amount of guests arriving for the ragers.

"The music is loud and everything, but where it is, the homes are so spread apart and so big, so I don't know how they would be able to hear," a source told E! Online.

"They probably complain because when people come up, there are like 20 cars."

Justin Bieber's Calabasas mansion where his friends are staying (Splash News)

Bieber's bad boy behaviour hasn't just been attracting complaints from neighbours over the last few months, fans also reacted badly to leaked photos of the star smoking what appears to be a blunt. His new wild side has caused criticism thanks to his young fan base, but it looks like the child star is all grown up, especially if he's hanging out at “crazy” parties like the ones his friends are throwing.

One party goer described the events as full of girls and lots of alcohol, they said: "That was a crazy party. We were just drinking and doing our thing."

However they deny any drug use at the party, citing recent rumours that the drug “sizzurp,” allegedly was behind Lil Wayne;s recent admission to hospital.

They added: "But no one there was doing sizzurp. No one was f---king with that s--t, especially with our boy Lil Wayne just getting out of the hospital."

While Bieber might not have been at the party, he wasn't exactly behaving himself in Europe where he's currently on the Believe tour. The Boyfriend singer was banned from a club after security guards broke fans cameras in Vienna.

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Justin Bieber cut short his birthday celebrations in London (Craig Harris/WENN)