Prince Harry Accidentally Sends Romantic Text To Cressida Bonas Instead Of Chelsy Davy?

But the red-headed royal apparently meant to send the message to his ex-girlfriend

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Sending a text to the wrong person by accident is never fun, but we imagine it's even less fun when you're someone as famous as Prince Harry. Especially when it's a message intended for your ex-girlfriend... and you've sent it off to your current beau.

Awkward. If this one turns out to be true, we definitely sympathise with Harry!

According to sources at Now magazine, the red-headed (and presumably red-faced) royal accidentally sent a text reminiscing about his and Chelsy's relationship to new love Cressida Bonas.

"Harry tried to cover up his mistake, but it was pretty obvious what had happened," an insider reveals.

Cressida Bonas was apparently unimpressed by Prince Harry's mistake (Photo: WENN)

"He was totally mortified about it all - it was such a simple mistake and 
it ended up causing him a lot of hassle and heartache."

We're not sure how reliable this source is but, according to the same source, the text wasn't quite as bad as all that; in fact, Harry's accidental text came after his ex got in touch with him to 
wish him the best in his new relationship and to say she thinks Cressida's a nice girl.

Cue the pair to start reminiscing about the past and Harry writing a text saying he'd listened to Rihanna's track Only Girl (In The World) - and that it reminded him of Chelsy:

"That was our song... It still reminds me of you."

We imagine Cressida, despite Harry's supposed attempts to get himself out of this royally sticky mess, was less than impressed...

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