Justin Bieber Causes Upheaval In Norway With 'Believe' Tour Dates

Five schools have changed the dates fearing children will miss their exams

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Justin Bieber is causing yet more chaos on his 'Believe' tour with several schools in Norway changing the dates of exams in a bid to avoid students skipping the tests to attend the singer's concerts instead.

The 'Beauty and a Beat' singer will be arriving in Oslo on April 16 and 17 but his concerts clash with exams for schoolchildren in western Norway, with five schools in the Alesund region going to great lengths to prevent students from sitting the tests, moving the exams to different dates.

Justin Bieber will be performing in Oslo next week on his 'Believe' tour (WENN)

Speaking about the change of plans, Norwegian education minister Kristin Halvorsen told the Associated Press: “I am concerned that students should be concentrating when they take tests and mid-terms.

“The local schools have the responsibility to schedule the local mid-terms, and if they think there is any reason to change the dates, they have authority to do so... We've all been 14 years old, and know that interests can be intense.”

This isn't the first time Justin has caused upheaval in Norway – just last year, the 18-year-old's free concert caused a riot in the capital with police forced to declare a state of emergency due to the disturbance from the large crowds.

Justin's tour resumes in Dortmund, Germany on April 5.

Justin Bieber Performs On 'Believe' Tour In Manchester...

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Justin Bieber takes to the stage in Manchester, Feb 22 (Photos: WENN)