Selena Gomez Admits Having A 'Mini-Breakdown' On Set Of 'Spring Breakers'

Star struggled with all the pressure on new movie

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Selena Gomez has admitted that she got "overwhelmed" on the set of Spring Breakers and had a "mini-breakdown".

In a new interview to mark the film's UK release, the singer and actress reveals that the pressure of having so many people surrounding the set got to her on one occasion.

"I had a mini breakdown on set," she told The Guardian. "There was too much attention, photographers, hundreds of fans, and all of us in bikinis in the pool.

"I got overwhelmed doing some of the things we were doing and having such an active audience at all times, even though I knew at heart we were super-safe."

Selena Gomez at the Kids' Choice Awards (WENN)

Director Harmony Korine was able to calm her down, with his wife Rachel revealing: "Harmony went over to her and said: 'This is really happening, this is you right at this moment,' and he encouraged her to use it, and from that moment on she imbued her character with a whole new extra dimension."

Spring Breakers' critical reaction has been mostly mixed, but not without its enthusiastic responses.

Gomez in particular won praise from leading UK film mag Empire, who said she is perhaps the only one of the movie's female leads who "seems to truly register".

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Vanessa Hudgens shows off some leg at the Spring Breakers premiere in L.A (Credit: Visual/WENN)